Sunday, April 26, 2009

Porsche Museum

Porsche 911 GT1 Strabenversion.

Year 1997.
Engine 6Cylinders boxer Turbo, 3163 ccm, 544PS
Top speed 310km/h.
Approval os the 911GT1 racing car for participation in international motorsports calls for a street legal version in a small series of at least 20 units. These street legal vehicles with the typical front end of the 996 model series are also built by the racing department in Weissach. The road version sells for DM1.5 million.

Porsche 917/30 spyder
Year 1973
Engine 12 Cylinder 180ºV Turbo, 5374ccm, 1200PS
Top Speed 385km/h
Calling "one of the strongest racing cars of all time" this advanced 12-cylinder vehicle dominates circuit races. With Mark Donohue at the wheel, it beats out McLaren with a long lead of the second time in the CanAm Series. It's the first time that turbocharging has prevailed on a race course with so many curves. Fed up with the dominance of Porsche, the Americans change the race regulations, witch results in the exclusion of the 917.

Porsche 917 LH Coupe
Year 1971
Engine 12 Cylinder 180ºV, 5374ccm, 600PS
Top Speed 387km/h
The long-tail version of the Porsche 917 is one of the fastest racing cars ever seen at Le Mans. Built specificied for this 24-hour classic. Its low drag coefficient enables it to hot 387km/h on the six kilomitre Mulsane straight in 1971.

Porsche 917 KH Coupe
year 1971
Engine 12 Cylinder 180ºV, 4907ccm, 600PS
Top Speed 360km/h
In 1971, Gigs van Lennep and Helmut Marko set a track record for the history books: an average speed of 222.30km/h covering the 5.335,16 km of the 24Hours of Le Mans. Once again, Porsche engineers have come up with new ideias to optimize aerodynamics and curb weight: this short-tail version of the 917 is equipped with bilateral tain fins and a lightweight magnesium frame

Porsche 935 Baby
Year 1977
Engine 6cylinder Boxer, 1425ccm, 380PS
Top Speed 270km7h
In just three month's time, a model for use in the two-liter division of the German Racing Championship is developed from the sucessful Porsche 935. Before the "Baby" can compete in this category, the displacement of the six-cylinder turbo must me reduced. Thit that achieved, the triunph of Jacky Ickx on the Hockenheim circuit proves that Porsche can be competitive in the smaller categories too.

Porsche 911 GT1 98
Year 1998
Engine 6 Cylinder Boxer Turbo, 3200ccm, 600PS
Top Speed 350km/h
Porsches celebrates its 50th anniversary in 1998 with a sweet double-vicotry in Le Mans.

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